BHIP®: Middle School

What to Expect from a New School, New Teachers, New Friends, and New Challenges

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What Will You Learn?

How to adapt to a new, technology-driven social and academic environment 

How to get good grades, manage your time, and balance your life

How to make friends and long-lasting relationships

Why BHIP®?

The BHIP® Middle School manuals were created with a unique process. They combine Burgess' years of scientific research and clinical knowledge, along with the experiences of numerous former and current high school and college students.

These manuals utilize real world feedback from students who have recently lived through it, made mistakes, and want to pass their knowledge down to others.

Combine that with the psychological principles and scientific research results that back it all, and they can't be beat.   

What You Can Get

Our 8 Components

Transitioning Successfully

Neuro-cognitive Executive Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Managing Social Media

Cognitive-Behavioral, Emotion, and Coping Strategies

Friendships and Relationships

Adaptability and Flexibility

Relaxation and Mindfulness  Techniques

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