BHIP Guides: Preschool & Kindergarten

How to Prepare You Child for a New School, New Teachers, New Friends, and New Challenges

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What Will Parents Learn?

How to promote your child’s comfort level and trust in you

How to understand and diagnose both your child’s temperament and your parenting style

How to promote self-regulation in order to to enable goal-directed actions

What Will Your Child Learn?

How to make and keep lifelong friends 

How feelings affect them & how to recognize and cope with these feelings

How to deal with and resolve common childhood conflicts

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The BHIP program combines knowledge from renowned Psychologist Dr. Kim Burgess and Professors Paul Hastings & Julie Bowker, along with the experiences of numerous former and current students.

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What You Get

Our 8 Critical Lessons

Parent Guide

Adaptability & Flexibility

Student Guide

Adaptability & Flexibility

Adaptability & Flexibility

Adaptability & Flexibility

Adaptability & Flexibility

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Adaptability & Flexibility

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